Max Payne 3 DLM – Reliable source serving corrupt data

Yesterday I pre-ordered my copy of GTA V for the PC. Along with that order I received Max Payne 3 as a bonus. Pretty sweet!


When I started downloading Max Payne I got the following error:

“Reliable source serving corrupt data”

A quick browse on the internet revealed that I am not the only one. So I opened a ticket at rockstar support. But today they still hadn’t responded, and I got annoyed. First I started attacking the DLM.exe file, to discover what it actually does, but I am not able to open it at this time. But I am able to check the traffic out of my box, so I started Wireshark and got my traffic:


The installer is just a fancy HTTP client, so I checked that request:


So now I have an URL where I can download the And after a check of the folder the DLM made I think I can guess the other file names:maxpaynecap3

So I started to download those files using my browser:

It took me 45 minutes to download the files, at 80-90% of my internet connection (100 mbit/s) and I can say that this method works (for now)!

When you have downloaded all of the above files, you should put them together in one folder and start the installation of Max Payne 3 by running MaxPayne3Installer.exe. From that point on the installation of Max Payne should be the same as when using the Max Payne 3 DLM.

And good news everybody, this method seems to be working for me:

Some users have reported errors while trying to install Max Payne with the instructions previously mentioned. A solution might be to copy all the files you downloaded to the folder where the Max Payne 3 DLM downloaded its stuff. After that you should run the Max Payne 3 DLM to let it verify the files you downloaded. When there are any missing or corrupted files it will most likely fix them for you, after which it will start the installation.

UPDATE 1 (18-01-2015):
I think it is worth mentioning that the location of these files are the ones used by the Rockstar supplied download manager. So they are legitimate. I hope Rockstar will recognize this and will see this effort as support rather then an attack on their software. In no way this post is intended as a way to bypass Rockstar and to stimulate illegal downloads!

UPDATE 2 (18-01-2015):
Added info on how to install the game.

UPDATE 3 (20-01-2015):
Added some troubleshooting to problems commenters encounter.

21 thoughts on “Max Payne 3 DLM – Reliable source serving corrupt data”

  1. I have the same problem and i’m currently downloading these files. I’m somewhat computer literate, but could you give a little more detailed set of instructions of what to do once I have them downloaded? I’m assuming to put all files in the same directory and then run the downloaded installer?


    1. Exactly as you said, when all the files are downloaded you have to start MaxPayne3Installer.exe and follow the instructions from the installer.
      After updating Max Payne it will start and it will ask you for your activation code. There you can use the serial number Rockstar Warehouse provided in your order.

      1. i started to downloud…after i put all the files in a folder I pressed the MaxPayne3Installer.exe but my windows Blocked it. it means i cannot srarted the downloud.

        1. If you right click MaxPayne3Installer.exe and go to properties you might be able to unblock the application at the bottom of that window.

  2. My installer keeps asking for a 9th data cab file. Using the method above there is nothing there. Any thoughts?

  3. Man, you saved my day and week thanks for you hard work, I Think all the guys that pre ordered gta v choose mp 3 so the server go nuts!!
    and your are our Savior!!

  4. Ya thanks a ton man. I had emailed rockstar and they just said redownload the installer. Like i hadn’t already tried that 10 times. Thanks bro!

  5. Thank you for sharing this, all on the d/l now, was was being abit funny, so i took the link to a new browser and all good now. thanks again

  6. Thank you a lot, RS support is totaly unuseful. you just saved my week (or maybe a month – that long I am trying to solve my ticket with RS support)
    here is what I did: downloaded all files from direct links you published here. I put the files to folder where DLM was downloading originaly. Than I try again to start MaxPayne3_DLM and it finally didnt breaks at 17%. It loaded all these cabinet files and download even more. After this it launches instalation itself.
    Thanx again !

  7. I was installing the file on a standard directory and run into a problem. The game shows and error
    “CRC error: The file C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\Max Payne 3\common\movies\s_fashion.bik doesn’t match the file in the setup’s .cab file. The medium from which you are running the setup may be corrupted; contact your software vendor”
    Please help!
    Thank you

    1. Try putting all the downloaded files (.cab and .exe) into the folder where the Max Payne DLM wanted to download them. And then run the Max Payne DLM, it will verify and check all your downloaded files. When all is good, it will run the installer.

  8. Dude, Thank you so much! I thought my free game was bugged and I was going to be really annoyed but you fixed it. As stated by others if you DL all these and then run the DLM it will download other files and fix it!

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