Inject .dll with cheatengine into the GTA V process

Since this post has been written, a lot has changed in GTA:Online. At this time, the alternative, Scripthook will get you banned the instant you are using it online. Within the modding community there now is a shift to inject the code like written below. This still is saver, but now the majority of modders is using this method, I don’t think it will take a long time until Rockstar will implement a way to detect this method. You would be safer not to use the method below, but to manually map the DLL to the GTA process. I will try to write a guide on that soon!

To use my mod you need to use Cheatengine to inject the code into GTA V. This way, you do not need to use scripthook or any other persistent tool. I think that by injecting the dll into the process, you will be safer from getting banned. If the game would scan the GTA directory to look for strange files, you would keep undetected. The game would launch ‘vanilla’, and when you decide to mod it, you just have to inject the dll.

First, start GTA V and Cheatengine. When both are running you have to go to cheatengine:

Click search processes (1), select the GTA5.exe process (2) and click open (3):
Then go to Memory View, Tools and select Inject DLL:
Browse to the DLL and open it:
Execute code in dll:
And if everything went well, you will be seeing the mod in the top right corner:

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