GTA:Online anti-cheat beefed up!

I am currently banned from GTA:Online. While testing this code against an open source anti-cheat framework, the framework was based on Scripthook, I got banned by Rockstar for using Scripthook. At that time, my code wasn’t being detected by the anti-cheat framework.
Because I am banned, I cannot really test new features. The new version of the mod (v1303) is working offline, and should be working on-line. Testing is quite a risky business, so if someone would have a GTA:Online account laying around that I could use to test on, that would help a lot!

I would like to warn the people who are using this mod, that Rockstar is trying to make their anti-cheat better. And you should NOT inject this code with CheatEngine! Or any other injector that does not manually inject the DLL. As far as I know, extreme injector should be able to do the job, but I haven’t been able to get that working yet. Will report as soon as I know more.

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